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Jewish Standard
Jewish Standard The new vodka of Prof. Mark Kaufman is a drink of fun and laughter Ц and celebrates the humour and love of live. For many of us, perhaps sipping cocktails in a swish style bar among friends, vodka is above all the party spirit Ц a source of fine times, good fellowship and laughter. But itТs easy to forget that itТs not always like that. For some people around the world, vodka is associated not with joy, but with sadness Ц and thatТs something that Prof. Kaufman is determined to change with his new vodka brand. Jewish Standard conveys a message of pure fun and enjoyment. The highly original bottle design makes it clear from the beginning that this is not a vodka that takes itself too seriously. The reason for this is simple Ц and is best expressed in the words of Prof. Mark Kaufman, which adorn every bottle of Jewish Standard: УIn Russia and worldwide, too much vodka has been drunk and is still being drunk out of despair, boredom, fatigue and even hatred,Ф Prof. Kaufman writes. УBut Jewish Standard vodka is the drink of joy and love, because such is the world perception of the Jews, the people who had been persecuted for centuries, but never lost faith in the future; the people who learnt how to treat bad luck with humour, to take the sweet with the sour and to be thankful for small mercies. These people know how to love and how to believe!Ф Jewish Standard is a drink for those who understand irony, treat life with humour and enjoy its every moment Ц but it is also a drink for those who value irreproachable quality. Produced from УluxeФ spirit, Jewish Standard is infused with matzoth (matzah) and is certified as kosher. Even though this premium vodka only appeared on the Russian market at the end of the year 2008, the brand is already enjoying export success in Germany, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Israel, Hungary and Cyprus. So raise your glass and, once again in the words of Prof. Kaufman: УEnjoy, love, hope and trust! Lehaim!Ф

»нтернет-магазин вина и крепкого алкогол€
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26  january  2012
18  november  2011
—пециалист по премиальным винам из ёжной ‘ранции, владелец шести поместий, включа€ самые престижные терруары Ћангедок-–уссильона, ∆ерар Ѕертран заслуженно был признан Ђ¬инодельней года в ≈вропеї присуждаемой журналом Wine Enthusiast. »