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About the company
A man can succeed in any pursuit, which he does with boundless enthusiasm.
It was just this statement that became the fundament of the life of Ilya Greenberg, the founder and ideological inspirer of Marcom.   
The joint Ukrainian-German venture Marcom was established in 1992, at the dawn of the imported alcohol market development in Ukraine.   
Companys Mission 
Provision of the exclusive service and satisfaction of customers demand for the high-quality imported spirits and wines with possibility to make choice and obtain the best price-quality parity of the product.
Our professionalism and experience in marketing and trading spirits and wines must be our advantage in competition for the market penetration and achievement of the high level of the brands recognition.  
Being the market pioneer, our company can pride itself of launching and building in Ukraine such world-famous brands as Hennessy, Marie Brizard many of which still remain in the companys range portfolio. 
And at the present day Marcom firmly occupies one of the leading positions in the Ukrainian market of imported spirits and wines. We are leaders in the cognac sector (Hennessy 65% of the market share), we were the first to introduce the New World wines and currently lead in this sector (Concha y Toro, Terrazas de Los Andes, Chateau los Boldos, Trivento, Don Pascual, Chateau St Michelle, Columbia Crest, Nederburg, Zonnenbloem, Cloudy Bay, Peter Lehmann and others) more than 70%  of the market share, in addition, we have the leading brands in the whiskey sector Famous Grouse and Cutty Sark.
Our Philosophy
Our companys philosophy is based on the operational business principals that we follow and owing to which we reach success in the market.
  • We stand for long-term partnership relations with our suppliers and customers.
  • We are the official importer and distributor of the products we represent in the market.
  • We work solely on the legal basis, delivering to Ukraine only the certified products. 
  • We only deal with the high-quality products and established producers our brands are in their category Top 10-s in at least forty countries.
  • We do not deceive either ourselves or our customers we only sell the products, which we enjoy by ourselves.
  • We always analyze the product and compare its price and quality the result is fair price-quality parity.
  • We are not afraid of difficulties that is why we deal with new brands and product categories.  
  • We believe that the customer should have the right of choice, being able to purchase in Ukraine the finest word brands, both in the democratic and premium segments.    
  • We promote not the product but the culture of consumption: we are ready to educate the market.
  • We are well familiar with our products. We constantly run lectures and master classes for our employees, customers and partners (wholesale buyers, barmen, waiters and sommeliers), thus attracting to Ukraine producer companies.    
  • We take good care of the product preservation the wines are stored at warehouses, where the temperature stays at +16Co all the year round and for transportation we use special refrigerator-containers, which protect the products from temperature difference.    
We are already one of the leaders but strive for being the first among established importers and distributors.
Our immediate plans include but are not limited to strengthening our current range positions and its expansion due to new brands that might be interesting to the Ukrainian customer.
Companys Structure
Joint venture Marcom is an independent importer and distributes its products all over Ukraine.   We work both through our own branch offices, and partner-distributors.
Our Head Office is in Kiev, where all of the companys services are concentrated: marketing, Kiev sales departments, import/certification & logistics and financial and accountant services.   
At present we have branch offices in Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa, Kharkov, Lvov (the branch is being restructured) and Crimea (to be opened in 2006 season).
In other regions we do our sales through the structure of distributors utilizing local regional representatives.
Corporate Clients
In addition to distribution of spirits and wines to retail outlets and HoReCa facilities, our company also provides services for both corporate clients and private individuals.
Among our permanent corporate clients one can find KvazarMicro, Vabank, foreign embassies and consulates, etc.   
Services Available to Private Individuals:
  • consulting services for arrangement of your bar and wine cellar;
  • wine expert consultations;
  • product presentations (including testing) for you and your guests;
  • design and fabrication of wine cellars;
  • realization of wine equipment and accessories.
Personnel Policy
Companys personnel are the foundation of Marcoms potential. Currently our staff comes to more than 200 experts, working both in Kiev and in Ukraines regions. 
The main objective of the HR management policy is the formation of the unified integrated company with the stable corporate culture and the system of corporate values common for all of the employees.  
Our goal is to create the status of the established company and have both our employees and outside candidates believe that Marcom is the most preferable employer in the labor-market. 
Marcom is a young prospective team, which receives corporate nonpublic trainings on the regular basis. Also the companys social policy is being introduced step by step. This includes places in tourist groups provided at the expense of the Social Insurance Fund and financial motivation of the most dedicated employees.   

  Company's news
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18  november  2011
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