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            Company’s personnel are the foundation of Marcom’s potential. Currently our staff comes to more than 350 experts, working both in Kiev and in Ukraine’s regions. 
The main objective of the HR management policy is the formation of the unified integrated company with the stable corporate culture and the system of corporate values common for all of the employees.  
Our goal is to create the status of the established company and have both our employees and outside candidates believe that Marcom is the most “preferable employer” in the labor-market. 
Marcom is a young prospective team, which receives corporate nonpublic trainings on the regular basis. Also the company’s social policy is being introduced step by step. This includes places in tourist groups provided at the expense of the Social Insurance Fund and financial motivation of the most dedicated employees.   

 If you are a professional and are ready to join our team, please sent you resume to: indicating the vacancy you are looking for.
In case you want to call and ask some question, better write an short e-mail to
Contact person:  HR director Mikhail Prytula 

Интернет-магазин вина и крепкого алкоголя
  Company's news
26  january  2012
18  november  2011
Специалист по премиальным винам из Южной Франции, владелец шести поместий, включая самые престижные терруары Лангедок-Руссильона, Жерар Бертран заслуженно был признан «Винодельней года в Европе» присуждаемой журналом Wine Enthusiast. »